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Any home improvement project takes the journey from vision to completion, and at Alfa

No matter how big or small the feat, our estimates will be made with precision and purpose. These estimates give ample amount of time for you to ask any questions you may have or inquire about additional services you may have previously been unaware of.

Interior Painting & Carpentry Services

Whether an old gem longing for restoration, or a contemporary home needing a modern finish, interior painting is something we handle with unmeasured skill and attention to detail. All paint is carefully applied by what best safely and successfully completes the task up to the owner’s highest standards. Our paint jobs are entirely catered to the style and motif you are seeking, and no stone is left unturned in achieving the perfect aesthetic to your space. Be it walls, trim, ceilings or staining, our paint services tackle any feat no matter the size in scale.

Additionally, interior carpentry is a breeze with us, with kitchen cabinet work and refinishing being just the tip of the iceberg to what we provide in our production arsenal. These sawing, staining and installation operations grant us the opportunity to flex our creative muscles and show you what we can do with any living space.

Exterior Painting & Carpentry Services

If your house is begging for that external paint upgrade, Alfa dives into the required clearing of the area by suitably cleaning and prepping it for the overhaul it desperately needs. With ingenuity and integrity on the mind, we aggressively persist past any paint pitfall and provide a stunning result derived from hard work and passion.

We realize that commercial painting must be done in a quiet and respectful manner to the running of your business, and Alfa takes a steady, authoritative hand to the brush to get the project done accordingly. Each stroke is taken with technique and focus to administer the perfect display of our talent.

Messy tasks like stripping, sanding, and scraping are completed effortlessly. We have the capacity for issues like caulking and sealing and any necessary side jobs that inhibit painting like gutter cleaning, and if necessary, window washing.

Decks & Porches

Decks and porches are a beautiful addition to any home but require a lot of maintenance between the blistering heat and frosty cold, not to mention traditional wear and tear. In addition to building them from scratch, Alfa goes the extra mile by giving careful consideration to all the preparation involved in servicing these crucial parts of the property. Having a full-proof plan saves our clients’ money as well as provides them with a clear design on how their decks and porches are going to appear.

Moreover, we embrace conducting the dirty jobs like power washing, staining, and the removal of old paint. Railing installs, and repairs are a cinch, and we never waiver on our safety precautions. At Alfa, the future is just as important as the present, which is why we approach every surface with a logical proposal to guarantee no corners are going to be cut. The ability to pre-visualize potential problems before they surface makes our job easier and keeps your wallet heavier. But rest assured, even the dirtiest of tasks are no match for our qualified and eager staff.

Handyman Services

It is important to note that Alfa prides itself on even the smallest handyman assignments, as not every home improvement task falls under the umbrella of painting or carpentry.

If there are problem areas in regard to fencing, garages, drywall & plaster repair, and anything else you can put your mind to, our professionals will properly assess the situation and move forward accordingly. Additionally, we can notify you of issues you may have in the future that should wisely be taken care of sooner rather than later.

What We Guarantee

Our word is our bond, and at Alfa we strive to create a positive and productive work environment that achieves the goals of every home and business owner. Extraction is often just as important as the final polish itself, so we proceed with ease in the removal of rotten wood, mildew, and other foreign elements that may set the job back or not be altogether safe for us and more importantly, for you.

Beyond a superb finished product on each project, we make sure every work area is left in better shape than how we found it, and that each problem has been fully rectified through painting, carpentry or otherwise before our entire task is completed.

We Are Ready to Help You With Your Next Carpentry or Interior &Exterior Painting Project!